Model game.

A model game described below will help you to better understand main principles of the game, turn order and how to use cards of main types. You can find more detailed information about the game in the rulebook inserted to game box.

In the model game two basic decks are used. A conventional game is played using standard-size decks of 60 cards each, but we have inserted to this game box only 30-card parts of them.

To prepare the model game you should arrange cards in training decks as follows (from top to bottom, all cards face down):

German deck:
"Depot", "Depot", "Fuel tank", "Factory", "Fw-189", "15cm sIG 33 Bison H", "Panzerabwehrschutzen", "SdKfz 251/10 Ausf C", "Depot", "37-mm AT-gun (Italian)", "Feint attack", "SdKfz 233", "Factory", "PzKpfw IV Ausf F2 (with tank-borne infantry)", "Depot", "Factory", "PzKpfw III Ausf G", "Covering company", "Fuel tank", "Second-line infantry", "L6/40 (Italian)", "Depot", "Depot", "Flakpanzer I", "Factory", "Pak 40", "Factory", "Gebiergsjager", "Factory", "Panzergrenadiere 29 PG div. 1942".

Russian deck: "Depot", "Depot", "Factory", "Factory", "T34/76 (with tank-borne infantry)", "BT-5", "Sniper party", "Marines", "Depot", "Factory", "T-70", "Dummy positions", "T-60 (with tank-borne infantry)", "Machine-gunner platoon", "45mm AT-gun", "Depot", "Fuel tank", "Siberian Guardsmen", "Yak-1", "Tank destroyers", "DShK", "Depot", "BA-6", "Factory", "Factory", "ZIS-3", "Depot", "Factory", "Fuel tank", "Pe-2".

As game starts each player draws 7 cards from his deck top. The "German" player takes: "Depot", "Depot", "Fuel tank", "Factory", "Fw-189", "15cm sIG 33 Bison H", "Panzerabwehrschutzen"; and the "Russian" - "Depot", "Depot", "Factory", "Factory", "T-34/76 (with tank-borne infantry)", "BT-5", "Sniper party". The "German" player always starts the first game. In further games the first move alternates between players.


1st turn, Germans. A player who starts the game draws 1 card from his deck (in our model game it is "SdKfz 251/10 Ausf C"). Now he is allowed to play 2 resource cards (he plays "Depot" and "Factory"). He is unable to build any cards with these resources and therefore ends his turn.
1st turn, Russians. A player draws 2 cards from his deck (They are "Marines" and "Depot") and plays 2 resource cards ("Depot", "Factory"), which he uses immediately to build "Marines". He rotates resources 900 clockwise to mark that they were used. "Marines" is placed on the table but is unable to attack because it stays in reserve zone until end of turn. The turn ends.
2nd turn, Germans. A player draws 2 cards ("Depot" and "37 mm AT-gun (Italian)"), plays resources ("Depot", "Fuel tank") and builds "Panzerabwehrschutzen". Now both sides have 1 unit in play and a kind of balance exist. But attacking is still impossible for current player because his "Panzerabwehrschutzen" is just built.
2nd turn, Russians. A player draws "Factory" and "T-70", plays resources ("Depot" and "Factory") then builds "Sniper party". Note that rotated resources restore back to upright position at the beginning of each turn and may be used again to play cards. Now the "Marines" attack. "German" player decides to block. A combat engagement occurs that leads to destruction of both units because both have their attack power (the first number on the "shoulder-board" picture at card's top left) greater or equal than defense of opposing unit (the second number).
3rd turn, Germans. A player draws "Feint attack" and "SdKfz 233". He plays "Depot" (because he has no more resource cards in hand) and builds "37 mm AT-gun (Italian)".
3rd turn, Russians. A player draws "Dummy positions" and "T-60 (with tank-borne infantry)", plays resources ("Depot", "Factory") and builds "T-70". Note that "Russian" player substitutes "fuel" with "supply" and "production" to build this tank. Attacking with "Sniper party" would lead to disadvantageous exchange of units with opponent therefore a player prefers to strengthen his defenses and ends this turn.
4th turn, Germans. A player draws "Factory" and "PzKpfw IV Ausf F2 (with tank-borne infantry)", plays "Factory" and builds "SdKfz 233". This armored car has a "mobility" feature. It bypasses the reserve zone and can attack on the turn it was built. "German" player sends it to attack. (an armored car card rotates 900 clockwise). Exchanging units is still disadvantageous to "Russian" player so he doesn't block. In this situation "SdKfz 233" reaches his 2nd line, fails to find any acceptable targets there (e.g. air units on airfields) and hits the deck. Its attack power is 2, so top 2 cards ("Machinegunner platoon", "45 mm AT-gun") are placed to losses.
4th turn, Russians. A player draws next 2 cards ("Depot", "Fuel tank"), puts them on the table and builds "T-34/76 (with tank-borne infantry)". Then attack phase begins and "Sniper party" uses its special ability - in expense of 1 "supply" it rotates to rotate one enemy unit ("37 mm AT-gun (Italian)". Now it can't attack or block but so do the German ATG. These units will restore only at beginning of respective players' turns. Now both German units are rotated (remember that SdKfz 233 attacked on "German" player's turn) and don't represent any danger to attackers. "T-70" attacks "SdKfz 233", which is rotated and therefore can't deal damage. Attack power of "T-70" (2+1 in combat against armored units) is sufficient to break the defense of "SdKfz 233" (2). Note that only units bearing "targeted attack" feature may attack rotated units.
5th turn, Germans. A player draws "Depot" and "Factory", plays them and builds "PzKpfw IV Ausf F2 (with tank-borne infantry)". He has no units ready to attack and prepares for persistent defense.
5th turn, Russians. A player draws "Siberian Guardsmen" and "Yak-1". He has no resource cards in hand but may build "BT-5" using resources he already played on previous turns. When attack phase begins the "Sniper party" rotates "PzKpfw IV Ausf F2 (with tank-borne infantry)" and the defeat of German forces deepens. Now "Russian" player attacks rotated tank by "T-70" (which has attack power 3 in combat against armored units). To prevent "37 mm AT-gun (Italian)" from supporting attacked tank he also attacks it by "T-34/76 (with tank-borne infantry)" in the same wave. Both attacking tanks have "targeted attack" feature therefore attacked units can't escape from combat. As a result of these two engagements both German units are destroyed. Note that if "T-34/76" wouldn't attack ATG the "German" player could use it to support his "PzKpfw IV Ausf F2". If he does the "T-70" is destroyed because of damage from "37 mm AT-gun (Italian)" which has attack power 2 (1+1) against armored units. "T-70" is now unable to destroy "PzKpfw IV Ausf F2" because an artillery unit participates in combat engagement and attack power of the tank is only 2.
6th turn, Germans. A player draws "PzKpfw III Ausf G" and "Covering company". He has enough resources to build 2 units: "SdKfz 251/10 Ausf C" and "Covering company". "SdKfz 251/10 Ausf C" is a mobile unit and may be sent to attack on this turn. German armored car doesn't bear "targeted attack" so its owner can't use it to attack rotated Russian units. It just attacks and "Russian" player lets it pass to the 2nd line to get advantage of attacking rotated unit on his next turn. "SdKfz 251/10 Ausf C" hits his deck and two cards are moved to losses ("Tank destroyers" and "DShK).
6th turn, Russians. A player draws "Depot" and "BA-6" and plays them. At attach phase "Sniper party" rotates "Covering company", T-70 attacks and destroys "SdKfz 251/10 Ausf C" (which remains rotated after attacking Russian deck). Other Russian units - "T-34/76", "BT-5" and "BA-6" - attack German deck. Their total attack power is 8 and so 8 cards from it are placed to losses ("Fuel tank", "Second-line infantry", "L6/40 (Italian), "Depot", "Depot", "Flakpanzer I", "Factory" and "PAK-40".
7th turn, Germans. A player draws "Factory" and "Gebiergsjager", then plays "Factory" and builds "Gebiergsjager" and "PzKpfw III Ausf G". Unfortunately it can't save the situation.

7th turn, Russians. A player draws "Factory" and "Factory", plays them and builds "Siberian Guardsmen". The final attack begins. "BT-5" attacks and destroys "Covering company", "T-34/76" does the same with "Gebiergsjager" and "T-70" attacks "PzKpfw III Ausf G" so that they destroy each other. "BA-6" attacks deck and moves to losses the last two cards from it ("Factory" and "Panzergrenadiere 29 PG div. 1942").

Now there are no more cards in German deck and "German" player is unable to draw next two at the beginning of his turn. This means that "Germans" have run out of their strategic reserve and the German army loses.

"Russians" win.


You may arrange both decks again in the same order and play model game once more, or shuffle them and play your own little "war" using basic rules and tactical tricks you have just learned.

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